Why Japan?

Studying Japanese language can open the door.

Why should I go to a Japanese language school?

Steps to study Japanese in Japan.

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Why Japan?

Where should I study abroad? Which language should I study? What sort of career can I build?

You may be trying to decide where to go from here.

Every country in the world has its own charm, and each country has rich cultures and languages.

You should choose a location that matches your interests the most.

Do you think that location could be Japan?


Four reasons why students choose Japan

①Where tradition meets the future-JNTO

Do you know much about Japan?

Like every other country Japan has its own history and culture. Japan is known for its state of the art technology and unique entertainment.

Maybe the place you want to try living in is right here in Japan.

②Technology & Business

Do you know Nikon or OLYMPUS cameras? How about OMRON or DENSO robots?

Japan is famous for these technology companies. While living in Japan you can experience state of the art technology such as self-serve checkouts, VR and AR in your daily life.

Do you want to try living in a country where high tech meets traditional culture?

③A Safe Location to Study Abroad

Tokyo is the most populated city in the world and is a very influential city. Tokyo is also known for its safety and security.

Please enjoy your experience as a student in this safe city with amazing infrastructure.

④ Japanese-A Language Written in Art

Have you ever studied Japanese? Japanese is a unique language like Chinese, as the characters themselves are art.

You can live using only English in big cities such as Tokyo or Osaka, but if you learn the local language then you can learn even more about Japan.

Almost all classes at universities in Japan are held in Japanese, and lots of theses and research are written in Japanese. Why not learn this unique language spoken by over 100 million people?